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10 Tips for Promoting your E-Commerce Site

How to Promote your e-commerce site with best approach?


Focus on e-commerce site design

There is no point in having a strategy in place to attract visitors if the site fails to capture their attention when they come to it. Your e-commerce site should be fast, attractive, easy to use, clearly showing where and how you can create a purchase.


Developing compelling content for SEO

Many people think that SEO is some kind of manipulation that will magically bring visitors to your site. According to Ali Malik, Founder and Creative Director of AeNext Digital Marketing Company, the days of paying SEO experts to ensure the success of an e-commerce site are over. Increasing traffic and sales now requires engaging content. Tackling SEO in this way, with powerful content marketing, will get a lot more results on Google than trying to trick it.

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Create Engagement and sharing with its Content

According to the search engine, the rules of the SEO game  are constantly changing, which is why providing unique and interesting content that is liked, bookmarked, tweeted, shared, etc. remains essential. “Google and other search engines are increasingly focusing on rich, shared content on social media,” says David Wright. Relevant to get the most out of your posts.

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Thinking long train for long-term Success

Using long-tail keywords is a helpful way to increase traffic. “Instead of just linking to generic keyword phrases (like “Office Furniture”) that involve high search volume, businesses should focus primarily on specific brands and items,” “Although it While there may be  lower search volume  for a specific product (“office chair for office that comfort”), the likelihood of a user browsing to buy is significantly higher for a long trolling search.


Advertising can Yield

Fresh, shareable content will help you climb the Google rankings, but if you want to increase your direct traffic through well-placed ads. Assuming your site is brand new and not running on organic traffic from Google, the best thing to do is place paid ads. Organic and  social are both very important and you can’t afford to ignore them in the long run, but if you’re just starting out and  need that little initial boost for your traffic, don’t hesitate to use  advertising.

E-commerce site

Be social

Once these efforts have paid off and you have visitors (both organic and direct), the key is to make sure they buy something that makes them want to like you or follow you on social media. Social. “Post a popup with additional promotion or a contest for a like or share and then they will be exposed to your ad forever

E-commerce site

Do not overlook Pinterest and Instagram

Social networks often boil down to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But don’t forget the visual power of Pinterest, Instagram and even Slide share. “Pinterest is a powerful tool to promote your e-commerce site. Engaging users.

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Focus on the Reach of influencers

Maybe your social media usage and followers aren’t generating enough traffic or the brand awareness you need. This is where you need to call the experts – influencers who have a loyal fan base can help. With influencers who have the type of audience you’re trying to reach.

E-commerce site

Adopt Emailing

While social media is an incredibly useful tool for promoting your e-commerce site, don’t forget the power of a targeted and relevant newsletter or email campaign. “Having a series of email campaigns in place is extremely important to building trust and engaging with potential customers at all stages of the buying process.

E-commerce site

Perform analyzes

After checking all the boxes above, you should have enough incoming traffic to do a little analysis. “Google Analytics is great for e-commerce; you can analyze page-by-page performance and identify poorly performing products.

E-commerce site

Retarget your Users

It used to be that unless you acquired the email addresses of visitors while they were on your site, once they were gone it was gone, probably forever. Due to advances in online advertising, this is no longer the case. You no longer have to treat customers as losses when they leave your site, because remarketing can bring them back to your site and provide them with a new buying opportunity.

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