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In this plan you will get the all in one services of ecommerce Pro website  plan. You will get the fastest loading speed of website on all devices with their audits. Similarly, you will be able to get the unique and smart designs with beautiful motion effects. Attractive color scheme of theme with plugins customization would give your audience a smart user experience. Further, you will also get our 24/7 technical support. In this service we would guide you about conversions, maintaining and overall CMS.

Ecommerce Pro Website Plan

Aenext360 is offering the smart and modern ecommerce Pro website development for your startups. You an get an example of Workspace website. Here are the main services that you will get in this premium plan.

  • Installation
  • Theme customizations
  • Plugin Customizations
  • Contact Forms
  • Header Designs
  • Footer Designs
  • Front layouts
  • 15 Pages
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Loading Speed Audits
  • 3 Revisions
  • Https Supported
  • Live Chat Support
  • Ecommerce Functionality
  • Email sending forms
  • Online Payments
  • 10 Products Listings
  • Multisite supported [Optional]
  • Technical support

About Ecommerce Pro Website Plan:

Aenext360 team have shared their live website examples in their plans. You can click on Workspace to view. This is ecommerce website with extra features and local bank payment gateway. In this website you will see the main categories of office furniture. Likewise, office chairs, office tables, workstations, office accessories and gaming products. Basically, this website is about office furniture who sale customizable furniture for offices and business spaces. Workspace is also selling home office tables. You can see the checkout options including the custom payment gateways. Hence, It has also the variable product options to choose in their sizes, styles and colors. In other words, most of its products are set with their variations in color and sizes.

Layout and its responsiveness:

Each Category has its own further sub categories according to the space.  Header and Footer sections are manually designed. Our designers have set products with their custom categories in different sections in the form of sliders. Checkout the color combination of logo and landing page of workspace. Here, they have used the logo colors in buttons and texts. It is dynamic website in which when a new product upload it will automatically show on landing page within specific category section. On desktop view you will see the 4 products on row but on mobile device it would only show single product with automatic slid options.  On tab view it would show two products in a row of single section. The main benefit of this responsive is that it would continue its style as well as also its text and image sizes with great user experience.

Header Section

The first main section is the header design. In this design first talk about its head section. Well, our designers have set top bar with light color scheme including shipping details with social links. After that they have designed its main head section with logo, main menu and cart button. In this section our designers use search option in which users can enter a word and it would show related product results and by choosing it they can add them too cart or further proceed their actions. 

After head section, their is a slider on landing page which is also very informative towards the user and they can get clear idea of this website. our designers have specially designed these 5 headers for slider. Similarly, They have designed the categories section with their icon and links with logo colors. After that they have displayed their latest video in video section so that user can get more idea. 

Desktop View
ecommerce pro website
Mobile View
Ecommerce Pro Website

Dynamic Sections of Ecommerce Pro Website

Firstly, we have designed these mid sections based on the concept of main categories. In such a way that user can easily slide down to the category and checkout easily. The layout design is in the images so that you can get an idea about it. Our designers have design this section with main heading, then tagline and then call to action buttons whim are linked with that page and lastly slider of products on categories. We have set this same flow on all main category sections.  

Desktop View
dynamic section designs of ecommerce website
Mobile View
dynamic section designs of ecommerce website

Footer Section of Ecommerce Pro Website

Look at its footer section. It has 5 sections with light and dark color scheme with copyright. Our designers have designed the useful links with contact details in the mid section of footer. Second last section with dark background have overall tags which are helpful in its seo and keywords searching. On first section of footer, we have designed the brand office locations with their live maps and store images which would be helpful for clients to reach physically. 

Desktop View
Mobile View
Post Services of Ecommerce Pro Website Plan: